Intercept Youth Services

Our History

Our story began in 1996 when Mark Bogert opened his first group home. The opening of Intercept House marked the start of the new direction of group homes. With the opening of this home, the bar of group homes was raised. This home was large, spacious, and located in the community for youth to "feel at home." The structured daily schedule of the home made the youth feel safe, secure and nurtured. Youth learned pro-social behaviors by ways of staff modeling appropriate positive behaviors, behavior interventions, level systems and therapeutic intervention.

Since 1996 Intercept has grown from a group home provider to a full service provider. Intercept has unique services to meet the needs of individuals, and families throughout the Commonwealth. Currently, Intercept offers ten different services- from school and community based to residential homes. We believe that each youth and family should be treated with the utmost respect and in the least restrictive environment. Intercept has formed partnerships with many community resources, and psychiatrists. Currently Intercept receives clinical oversight, supervision and training by a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Over the years Intercept has developed  "The LifeBridge Continuum of Care", which ensures a seamless continuum among services provided through Intercept, and person centered wrap around treatment. Services are developed around the individual and or family to meet their needs. Intercept is not a "one size fits all" service provider, but a provider that prides itself on forming and changing services and treatment around the needs of the individual.

Our Mission

To make a lasting positive impact on those we serve: children and youth, their families, and the agencies that support them.

Our Values

Accountability: See it, Own it, Solve it, Do it

Service Excellence: a relentless effort to Wow my customers

Kindness: a promise to build up those around me

Team Loyalty: a commitment to work together as a team

Authenticity: the courage to speak openly and honestly

Passion: a drive to go above and beyond

Innovation: collaboration to create superior solutions