Safford of Warrenton

History of Safford Automotive

It all started when Ned Nelson moved his VW/Audi/Dodge dealership from Stafford, Virginia to Fredericksburg in 1986.  He set up shop right next to the BB&T on Jefferson Davis Highway.  He had a pretty good run of it, but he went out of business in 1990.

In 1991, Dodge contacted Raymond Macananny and asked him to take over the Dodge point in Fredericksburg. At that time, Raymond was running a car dealership of his own, along with an RV dealership in Maryland – Safford RV – but he told Dodge that he would gladly take over the Dodge store.

In 1993, he decided it was time to move his RVs a little bit closer, so he brought them down to the Dodge lot. He not only brought his RVs, but he also brought the name.  In 1993, the store was renamed Safford Dodge/RV.

After nine years, Raymond decided it was time to retire, so along came Jim Gramm and David Blum – new owners, sure, but they couldn’t change the legacy of the name, which had built up a reputation in the Fredericksburg community of not only great customer service, but active involvement in the community, philanthropy, and charitable giving.

After two years, Dodge was outgrowing its space, so it was time to move Safford RV down the highway one exit to Mallard Road.  They had their grand opening on labor day 2004.

In 2009 Safford Dodge became Safford Chrysler Jeep Dodge, after acquiring the Chrysler and Jeep franchises, and in 2010 Jim Bethard joined Jim Gramm and David Blum as partner. Jim Gramm and Jim Bethard have been friends since middle school. Though they went their own ways, they stayed in touch while they both were learning the “car business”. Jim
G started out as a lot porter, Jim B started in sales, worked their way to Sales and ultimately now they own 9 dealerships. David Blum has “retired” but you will see him from time to time as he visits the stores.

The newest addition to the family is Safford Hyundai April 2016!

What’s next?  Just wait and see…….