A Village Youth & Family Services Inc.

A Village Youth & Family Service is a community based counseling agency committed to provide children (5-18); adult (19 and up) and families with the highest quality of emotional and mental health care. 

We were established in 2013 in the Richmond Virginia area out of a need for quality services for children, adults and families. 

 We have assembled a team of mental health professionals who have the education, experience and training to support families in addressing many of life’s most difficult challenges.

Whether a child is exhibiting difficult or disturbing behavior that is disruptive to the family or an adult need support with managing activities of daily living or the family finds itself in a challenging situation that they are unprepared to handle alone, we provide a diverse set of services designed to provide support and guidance to the whole family. 

We offer three programs; Intensive In-Home Services for children and adolescents ages 5 to 21, Mental Health Skill Building Services for young adults and adults ages 18 and up and Crisis Stabilization Services for children and adults starting at age 9 in an effort to provide appropriate treatment options for the varying needs of our clients.

Our goal is to:
•Stabilize and strengthen individuals and families so that children and adolescents can remain in their homes through our intensive in-home program