Detention Officer

  • Henderson County Sheriff's Office
  • Henderson County, NC, United States
  • Nov 09, 2017
Full time Government

Job Description

Serves as a Detention Officer for the Sheriff's Department, responsible for maintaining the safety and security of inmates and jail staff.  Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Acts as liaison to and supervises programs within the jail (i.e. Pastoral, AA meeting, etc.).
  • In absence of a supervisor, may:
    • Assist and direct staff, assuming role of officer in charge according to established chain of command, including making work assignments and maintaining discipline.
    • Assist in the proper training of jail personnel, including developing training programs, instructing training courses, and documenting training program.
    • Ensure the availability of supplies and submit requisition for those needed
    • Have to provide general supervision and officer activity to carry out shift functions including but not limited to serving meals and distributing cleaning supplies.
  • Detainee intake process, safety and security checks, clerk functions, incident report completion, and other details that may be assigned.
  • Be required to conduct documented inspections of all security devices needing repair of maintenance, ensuring that all locks, doors, and other security devices are fully operational.
  • Performs booking procedures of detained individuals, including fingerprinting, photographing, searching individuals, and accounting for individual’s money and property.
  • Processes individuals out of the detention facility, verifying release orders, completing documents, and returning personal property.
  • Performs bonding procedures and completing required forms.
  • Conducts security and inmate body count checks of Detention facility including, monitoring security cameras, monitoring detainee's activity and behavior, reporting all unusual/unruly activity, and securing and/or physically restraining violent and uncontrollable detainees.        
  • Conducts routine "shakedowns" of all cells and prepares written reports.
  • Escorts detainees to/from court appearances and sick calls.  Transports detainees to other jail facilities, court, and medical facilities. Conducts search of suspects/arrestees and seizes weapons or contraband.
  • Inspects vehicle used for transport to ensure proper readiness and cleanliness.
  • Ensures personal hygiene and health of detainees and cleanliness of cell areas, accounting for all cleaning supplies and equipment issued to detainees. Follows appropriate procedures to ensure all detainees receive medical attention.
  • Oversees detainees in allowable activities and responds to detainees grievances following established chain of command procedures.  Distributes daily meals and ensures all trays are removed from cellblock.
  • Assists with inmate visitation procedures,
  • Prepares written reports, such as memos, letters, and activity reports.  Enters data onto computer.  Maintains cell block logs and records inmate activity.
  • Answers business or emergency telephones from the public, enters data on computer, and types reports.
  • Receives security or fire alarms and/or activates alarms and fire protections system in an emergency.  Maintains communication equipment.
  • Secures, protects, and documents crime scenes within the jail, including collecting and preserving evidence and interviewing witnesses.
  • Attends prescribed in-service or other training programs for certification/re-certification in specialized law enforcement areas.
  • Operates Jail computer system, entering information, generating reports, and reporting hardware and software problems.
  • Verifies various forms and documents, such as bond documents and paperwork from the courthouse.
  • Maintains uniform in a neat and professional manner.
  • Exercises confidentiality and security of information/cases.
  • Working knowledge of Jail and RMS computer systems.
  • Coordinates and disseminates information between shifts and between officers and staff on the shift.
  • Makes a daily inspection of each cell and housing unit during assigned work days.
  • Personally reviews cells and housing unit activity to ensure adequate precautionary checks are routinely made.
  • Evaluates new arrivals for medical problems and closely monitors intoxicated persons and/or persons at the detention center with medical problems in a manner prescribed by the jail's medical office or other jail policy.